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  1. What do I debit/credit in journal entry for accumulated depreciation
  2. Project profits using the traditional format if sales were to increase 20%
  3. What is the paid-in capital in excess of par -common
  4. Trying to find net income... help
  5. Accounting help
  6. Under what account should I put a rental of a printer?
  7. What are manufacturing cost?
  8. Need desperate help for intermediate accounting case study question!
  9. What is allowance uncollectible ?
  10. All of the following statements regarding vertical analysis are true except:
  11. Which of the following is not true regarding Depreciation?
  12. Sample formate of comman size statement
  13. What is the difference between a mortgage loan and a finance lease?
  14. I am working on a problem, and don't know which Debit and credit to use.
  15. Contemplating 1,000,000 investment in a new production facility. Economic Life of Fac
  16. How do I calculate sustainable growth if my anticipated sales growth is 35%?
  17. Corporate Tax
  18. (Cash versus homemade dividends) A firm currently has 8,000
  19. Principles of preparing a balance sheet?
  20. Introduction of decision making
  21. Introduction of accounting
  22. Balance sheet closing entries?
  23. Icwa course details?duration
  24. Horizon Company owns a building that appears on its prior year-end balance sheet at I
  25. Assets liabilities
  26. Accounting cash budget
  27. Accounting question
  28. Adjusting entries
  29. I'm stuck on adjusting entries. Please help!
  30. Cash Flows Statement not Balancing!
  31. Net Income of Partnership
  32. Classified Balance Sheet Question
  33. Total depreciation expense
  34. Total owner's equity
  35. What type of statements would I want to show another business if I wanted them to
  36. Complete accounting cycle
  37. Target Corporation is currently seeking additional capital to expand its operation.
  38. Example of Statement for owner equity
  39. What happens to a firm's current ratio if...
  40. Prepare the year end adjust/correcting entries using info given below.
  41. How to journal beginning balance with common stock
  42. Cash dividends and retained earnings
  43. Comparison of Variable Costing and Absorption Costing
  44. Accumulative depreciation in the trial balance
  45. The moonless corporation has just paid a divident of Rs. 3 per share. The divident of
  46. If inventory value is missing how do you solve the quick ratio equation
  47. Market ratio and please calculate it.
  48. How to find liability and equity if only given assets and net income?
  49. Cash from stock option exercise
  50. Current liablitty
  51. Income statement
  52. Income Statement - depreciation and amortization expense?
  53. Daily and Adjusting Entries... Accounting Help Please?
  54. Accounting Question
  55. Formula for calculating machine hour rate
  56. What are five thought-provoking questions About Financial Emergency?
  57. How do I find the Total Assests and the equity multiplier with the information given:
  58. Smp refund journal
  59. B. Show the presentation of ending inventories on the June 30, 2008, balance sheet?
  60. How do you calculate the break even point on a client Accounts Receivable?
  61. Finding the annual rate of return?
  62. How to find the liability?
  63. I need the journal entry to the 2 parts of this question
  64. Prepare a cash budget for Sharpe covering the first seven months of 2004
  65. If assets is 170, liabilities is a b, and capital stock is 15 c,what is the retained
  66. Post-Closing Trial Balance
  67. Journel enteries examples
  68. Accounts receivable balance of $10M
  69. During the month of April, Simpson Co had cash receipts from customers of $170,000. E
  70. Bond question
  71. Returned goods to S.K. & Co. And recd their credit note 5000
  72. Financial statements of companies listed in London exchange market
  73. What is the impact of missing journal entries?
  74. Caledonia last paid a dividend of $1 per share 2010.
  75. Depreciation on car for SCORP
  76. Straight -Line Interest Expense
  77. How to find dividends from retained earnings?
  78. Financial Ratios
  79. How to find out how much in fixed assets have been sold
  80. Calculating equity, liabilities and net income (loss)
  81. How to increase share prices to maximise shareholders wealth
  82. What are the general journal entries affected?
  83. What is the journal entry for $ conversion?is it realized/unrealized?
  84. What do you do in a high-low problem when the cost variables are the same?
  85. What general journal accounts are affected and by how much? Give reasons?
  86. What is the journal entry for amortization of insurance?
  87. As on 30th June 2009
  88. Is shareprice affeceted by profitability
  89. I need a cat tutor
  90. Cat tutor
  91. I need help preparing a multistep income statement
  92. Calculate
  93. Equipment
  94. Conceptual Framework earnings?
  95. Accounting- Adjusting entry
  96. How to pass Journal entry for Dividend payments ?
  97. Icwa course details
  98. Expanded accounting equantion
  99. How is non-controlling interest solved for in this problem?
  100. Help, I need to Correct an Unadjusted Trial Balance due to errors. It's confusing me
  101. ABC Corporation had the following accounts and balances during the year:
  102. Give an example of a fractional rate and explain how to convert the fraction to both
  103. Can someone help me with some Accounting problems?
  104. How many methods are there for the evaluation of ending inventory?
  105. Tax-free merger: What amount should this building be recorded?
  106. Accounting/Bonds
  107. Need accounting help
  108. Prepaid Insurance
  109. Accounting ISA 1 format P&L / B.S questions
  110. Managing Working Capital.
  111. Market price of the shares varying in day to day basis can be clasified as..
  112. What asset account do I increase if I increase accounts payable?
  113. Can I ask the question abot financial accounting
  114. Earnings per share
  115. According the Capital Pricing Model the required rate of return is a justifiable ra
  116. Research topics in accounting and finance
  117. What means investor are expected to pay rm918 for the 10-year bond?
  118. I can't figure this out help please due mon. 8/30
  119. Balance sheet
  120. Plug in Numbers to Basic Accounting Equation
  121. Susquehanna equipment rentals answers
  122. Improving current ratio of 0.5%
  123. Calculate retained earnings
  124. How do you determine the number of common stocks issued?
  125. Finance homework answers
  126. Balance sheet
  127. How do I treat dividend proposed
  128. Exam question in relation to the Beta & Correlation of stocks
  129. Correcting Journal Entries
  130. Total share of each partner
  131. Depreciation is profit or loss
  132. Credit Appraisal Process
  133. Which of the following situations would most likely violate cost-volume-porofit assum
  134. What is the first month's interest for 7,659.43 at .11% for 6 months
  135. Need help with journal entries
  136. Percentage returns, today price 20.05 one year ago 18.67 dividend received .50
  137. Capital Structures and Cost of Capital Help
  138. Worked examples in advanced accounting
  139. Want to invest 15000 pm @12% yearly compund interest for 7 years. Find maturity
  140. Additional Funds Needed
  141. Net Income
  142. How do I record the sale of a fixed asset- using DDB depreceiation method?
  143. Finding Liquidating Dividend per Share?
  144. Me and my group answer these question but are they correct
  145. Mcqs of meigs & meigs 9th edition
  146. What is acid asset
  147. Co act 1956 dividend
  148. I need some help with some True /false question that I answer with my group
  149. Salaries payable balance
  150. Sales effect
  151. Need help with compound and effective interest rat
  152. Balance sheet effect question
  153. Lease Payments
  154. How to distinguish net operating assets
  155. Managerial Accounting
  156. Reversing entries
  157. Accounting thesis topics
  158. Journal Entry/Note Receivable
  159. Management accounting homework
  160. Statement under marginal costing homework... please help
  161. Debite note difine
  162. Comparative INcome Statement
  163. HOW TO CALCULATE fire damaged inventory using perpetual
  164. I need help with corporate finance
  165. Should answer B reflect the total ROI or the remaining ROI after Cindy's withdrawal?
  166. I need help doing my finance homework
  167. Notes & Interest
  168. Prepaid insurance journal entry
  169. Humannetwork
  170. Auditing Questions ITGC
  171. Closing Equity... Comments Please
  172. How to get the retained earnings in balance sheet
  173. Which of the following statement is INCORRECT regarding financial leverage ?
  174. Calculation of opening stock
  175. Project cash flow analysis
  176. Accounting questions
  177. Is 34.5% APR on a $1000 loan too much?
  178. Balance sheet owners equity
  179. Reducing inventory
  180. Your corporation had the following cash flows last year
  181. Profit or loss for the period includes?
  182. Calculate WACC given following data:
  183. Boehm Incorporated is expected to pay a $1.50 per share dividend at the end of the ye
  184. How to do an adjusted entries
  185. Accounting questions dealing with sales and revenues
  186. If RM3.45 million Treasury Bills with 150 days to maturity is sold at 4.25 %, what ar
  187. I need help with an accounting problem
  188. Annuity question
  189. Need help with this question:
  190. Answer for accounting question
  191. Income tax
  192. What value does an old common stock have?
  193. Revenue maximization
  194. Future value
  195. Profit question
  196. Do we put amount of loan to be paid for one year or for the whole repayment period in
  197. What is the normal balance of dividends payable?
  198. Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe, CPAs, has three divisions: Audit, Tax, and Business Consul
  199. I am trying to develop a chart and graph using the cost function tc= 100+6Q
  200. Estimating cash flows on capial budgeting projects
  201. How is the format of a trial balance
  202. Accounting question?
  203. Research titles in accounting & financce in srilanka?
  204. Turgent.. Question
  205. Gannon, Inc. had 100,000 shares of common stock outstanding.
  206. Journal entry for conversion costs
  207. As a finance and admin manager, how can I judiciously manage a rsources
  208. Auditing firms in malaysia
  209. List of finance research topics
  210. Covertible Shares
  211. Journal Entry
  212. Accounting homework answers
  213. Calculating revenue
  214. Inventory question
  215. Effect on sale from gross margin
  216. Effect on sale when debt paid off
  217. Customer order processing is an example of a:
  218. Accounting Homework Help (HARD!)
  219. Joural entries of cleaning supplies inventory
  220. Interest payable journal entry
  221. What business would not be axpected to have a large percentage of its current assets
  222. Question and answer papers on the fundamental principles of basic accounting
  223. Cash receivables
  224. You have been offered a job with an unusual bonus structure. As long as you stay
  225. The Dammon Corp. Has the following investment opportunities:
  226. Calculate the units of output that would yield the same profit for 2 proposals.
  227. What is the definition of day book
  228. Traditional format vs contribution format
  229. Deceased mother took a motgage on her house to lend her business money does it need t
  230. What would be an example of leverage?
  231. 2 items are omitted from each of the following lists of cost of goods manufactured
  232. What is the future value of $500 deposited for one year earning a 9% interest rate an
  233. Notes & Interest
  234. Please send me, your educational background feedback
  235. About the company
  236. Berry Company had the following data:
  237. Determine the amounts missing items (a) through (I)
  238. Free Accounting Homework Solutions
  239. Free sites for financial accoutency problems solutions?
  240. Accounting
  241. How do I work out what it would cost to sell shares for my business?
  242. Explain the objectives of advertising.
  243. Capital Budgeting, Cost-Benefit Analysis
  244. Present value and future vaule of a dolloar
  245. Finance homework
  246. Global
  247. Help with financial accounting
  248. Accounting
  249. Deep discount debenture (DDD)
  250. Accounting